Teaching Staff Directory

  • Parents and students:

    We wish everyone good health during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  As a public school consortium, SECEP will continue to follow instructional and educational guidelines provided by our individual school divisions.  In an effort to facilitate communication between you and your classroom teacher, please see the list of SECEP teachers and their emails below.     


School Last Name First Name Program Email Address
CPS Camelot ES Keppler Gaby ASP/EBICS keppler.gaby@secep.net
CPS Camelot ES Williams Courtney ASP/EBICS williams.courtney@secep.net
CPS Cedar Road ES Gilbert Michelle ASP/EBICS gilbert.michelle@secep.net
CPS Deep Creek HS Daye Nicole ASP/EBICS daye.nicole@secep.net
CPS Grassfield ES Dean Nathaniel ASP/EBICS dean.nathaniel@secep.net
CPS Grassfield ES Faytik Kenneth ASP/EBICS faytik.kenneth@secep.net
CPS Grassfield ES Xayasine Carly ASP/EBICS xayasine.carly@secep.net
CPS Grassfield HS Stroud Lesley ASP/EBICS stroud.lesley@secep.net
CPS Grassfield HS Winfield Alexandria ASP/EBICS winfield.alexandria@secep.net
CPS Greenbrier MS Armstrong Salina ASP/EBICS armstrong.salina@secep.net
CPS Hugo A Owens MS Armstrong Parrish ASP/EBICS armstrong.parrish@secep.net
CPS Hugo A Owens MS Byrd Nancy ASP/EBICS byrd.nancy@secep.net
CPS Indian River HS Gonzalez Sarah ASP/EBICS gonzalez.sarah@secep.net
CPS Indian River HS Morrell Patty ASP/EBICS morrell.patty@secep.net
CPS Jolliff MS Brown Tawanda ASP/EBICS brown.tawanda@secep.net
CPS Jolliff MS Justice Katherine ASP/EBICS justice.katherine@secep.net
CPS Jolliff MS White Amanda ASP/EBICS white.amanda@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Akinade Mary Re-ED/TRAEP akinade.mary@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Antoine Jessie ASP/EBICS antoine.jessie@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Askew William Re-ED/TRAEP askew.william@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Barker Bryan Re-ED/TRAEP barker.bryan@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Barnett Kirk Re-ED/TRAEP barnett.kirk@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Bauer Martha Re-ED/TRAEP bauer.martha@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Carlson Susan Re-ED/TRAEP carlson.susan@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Colver Daniel ASP/EBICS colver.daniel@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Darland Eileen Re-ED/TRAEP darland.eileen@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Douglas Scott Re-ED/TRAEP douglas.scott@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Elmore Michael Re-ED/TRAEP elmore.michael@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Erb Eric Re-ED/TRAEP erb.eric@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Godfrey George Re-ED/TRAEP godfrey.george@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Graham Jody Re-ED/TRAEP graham.jody@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Hamdoun Aziz Re-ED/TRAEP hamdoun.aziz@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Hampton Timothy Re-ED/TRAEP hampton.timothy@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Hodges James Re-ED/TRAEP hodges.james@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Hughes Celia Re-ED/TRAEP hughes.celia@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Kornegay Vincent ASP/EBICS kornegay.vincent@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Nunnery Pamela Re-ED/TRAEP nunnery.pamela@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Parker Marquetta Re-ED/TRAEP parker.marquetta@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Powell Pamela ASP/EBICS powell.pamela@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Price Rebecca Re-ED/TRAEP price.rebecca@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Reece Susan Re-ED/TRAEP reece.susan@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Respass Larry Re-ED/TRAEP respass.larry@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Skrobiszewski Edward Re-ED/TRAEP skrobiszewski.edward@secep.net
CPS SECEP Chesapeake Ctr Walker-Green Angela Re-ED/TRAEP walker.angela@secep.net
CPS Sparrow Road Inter Froehler Catrina ASP/EBICS froehler.catrina@secep.net
CPS Sparrow Road Inter Peoples Jessica ASP/EBICS peoples.jessica@secep.net
CPS Treakle ES Ash Marissa ASP/EBICS ash.marissa@secep.net
CPS Western Branch HS Dawson Courtney ASP/EBICS dawson.courtney@secep.net
CPS Western Branch HS Lee Jessica ASP/EBICS lee.jessica.v@secep.net

Isle of Wight County

School Last Name First Name Program Email Address
IOW Smithfield HS Chavis Kelly ASP/EBICS chavis.kelly@secep.net


School Last Name First Name Program Email Address
NPS Blair MS Hampton Ernestine ASP/EBICS hampton.ernestine@secep.net
NPS BookerT Washington HS Blount-Stockton Janae ASP/EBICS blount.janae@secep.net
NPS Lake Taylor Hosp Ctr Cohen Tarra REACH cohen.tarra@secep.net
NPS Lake Taylor HS Bey Empress ASP/EBICS bey.empress@secep.net
NPS Lake Taylor HS Perkins Jeffrey ASP/EBICS perkins.jeffrey@secep.net
NPS Maury HS Lewis Ashley ASP/EBICS lewis.ashley@secep.net
NPS Maury HS Thomas Katherine ASP/EBICS thomas.katherine@secep.net
NPS Rosemont MS Salguero Christabel ASP/EBICS salguero.christabel@secep.net
NPS Rosemont MS Woldow Jessica ASP/EBICS woldow.jessica@secep.net
NPS SECEP @ODU Grybos Elise ASP/EBICS grybos.elise@secep.net
NPS SECEP Administration Office Houck Deborah Re-ED/TRAEP houck.deborah@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Campbell Brian Re-ED/TRAEP campbell.brian@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Carter-Williams Karen Re-ED/TRAEP carter.karen@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Clarke Kenneth Re-ED/TRAEP clarke.kenneth@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Cross Tony Re-ED/TRAEP cross.tony@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Elliott Whitney Re-ED/TRAEP elliott.whitney@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Frank Laurie Re-ED/TRAEP frank.laurie@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Ganues Carolyn ASP/EBICS ganues.carolyn@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Haver Rachel Re-ED/TRAEP haver.rachel@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr LeMelle Howard Re-ED/TRAEP lemelle.howard@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Matzen Deborah Re-ED/TRAEP matzen.deborah@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Nyakundi George Re-ED/TRAEP nyakundi.george@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Peronnet Jennifer Re-ED/TRAEP peronnet.jennifer@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Reid Nelson Re-ED/TRAEP reid.nelson@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Rodriguez Jerry Re-ED/TRAEP rodriguez.jerry@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Shell Dulcey Re-ED/TRAEP shell.dulcey@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Townes Ashley Re-ED/TRAEP townes.ashley@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Waters Sanford Re-ED/TRAEP waters.sanford@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr White Sherita Re-ED/TRAEP white.sherita@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Wilkerson Benjamin Re-ED/TRAEP wilkerson.benjamin@secep.net
NPS SECEP Norfolk Ctr Wilson Kathryn Re-ED/TRAEP wilson.kathryn@secep.net
NPS St Marys Ctr Anderson Teresa REACH anderson.teresa@secep.net
NPS St Marys Ctr Bauer Autumn REACH bauer.autumn@secep.net
NPS St Marys Ctr Bogda Molly REACH bogda.molly@secep.net
NPS St Marys Ctr Richardson Myesha REACH richardson.myesha@secep.net
NPS St Marys Ctr Scarna Misha REACH scarna.misha@secep.net
NPS St Marys Ctr Watson Kimberly REACH watson.kimberly@secep.net
NPS Tanners Creek ES Barbour Jennifer ASP/EBICS barbour.jennifer@secep.net
NPS Tanners Creek ES McIntyre Jessica ASP/EBICS mcintyre.jessica@secep.net
NPS Willard Model ES Kelley Lindsay ASP/EBICS kelley.lindsay@secep.net
NPS Willard Model ES Melville April ASP/EBICS melville.april@secep.net


School Last Name First Name Program Email Address
PCPS Churchland HS Lovette Lisa ASP/EBICS lovette.lisa@secep.net
PCPS Churchland MS McMiller Tiffany ASP/EBICS mcmiller.tiffany@secep.net
PCPS Norcom HS Lassiter Cathy ASP/EBICS lassiter.cathy@secep.net
PCPS Norcom HS Vasquez Nadia ASP/EBICS vasquez.nadia@secep.net
PCPS Park View ES Hoyle Katie ASP/EBICS hoyle.katie@secep.net
PCPS Park View ES King Sarah ASP/EBICS king.sarah@secep.net
PCPS Park View ES Mork Barringer Brenna ASP/EBICS mork.brenna@secep.net
PCPS SH Clarke Academy Battle Terence ASP/EBICS battle.terence@secep.net
PCPS SH Clarke Academy Surwila Joseph ASP/EBICS surwila.joseph@secep.net
PCPS SH Clarke Academy Wilson Ryan ASP/EBICS wilson.ryan@secep.net

Southampton County

School Last Name First Name Program Email Address
SHC Meherrin ES Dwyer Lynda ASP/EBICS dwyer.lynda@secep.net
SHC Nottoway ES Brickhouse Demone ASP/EBICS brickhouse.demone@secep.net
SHC Nottoway ES Joyner Jennifer ASP/EBICS joyner.jennifer@secep.net
SHC Southampton HS Beale Betty ASP/EBICS beale.betty@secep.net
SHC Southampton HS Glover Virginia ASP/EBICS glover.virginia@secep.net
SHC Southampton HS Whitehead Austin ASP/EBICS whitehead.austin@secep.net


School Last Name First Name Program Email Address
SPS John Yeates MS Rollins Lynn ASP/EBICS rollins.lynn@secep.net
SPS Lakeland HS Taulton Monica ASP/EBICS taulton.monica@secep.net
SPS Lakeland HS Wilson Niyesha ASP/EBICS wilson.niyesha@secep.net
SPS Mack Benn ES Roth Kirsten ASP/EBICS roth.kirsten@secep.net
SPS Mack Benn ES Tice Erica ASP/EBICS tice.erica@secep.net
SPS Nansemond River HS Dragon Shaelynn ASP/EBICS dragon.shaelynn@secep.net
SPS Nansemond River HS Sloan Crystal ASP/EBICS sloan.crystal@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Ashburn Jean Re-ED/TRAEP ashburn.jean@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Brown-Prince Latoya Re-ED/TRAEP brown.latoya@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Chambers Joseph Re-ED/TRAEP chambers.joseph@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Cioffi Katelynn Re-ED/TRAEP cioffi.katelynn@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Hopkins Shannon Re-ED/TRAEP hopkins.shannon@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Jeffrey Peter Re-ED/TRAEP jeffrey.peter@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Keller Benjamin Re-ED/TRAEP keller.benjamin@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Lamb Teddy Re-ED/TRAEP lamb.teddy@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Lee Darrell Re-ED/TRAEP lee.darrell@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Minter Christopher Re-ED/TRAEP minter.christopher@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Murphy Lora ASP/EBICS murphy.lora@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Smaw Sherice Re-ED/TRAEP smaw.sherice@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Waddell Jack Re-ED/TRAEP waddell.jack@secep.net
SPS SECEP Suffolk Ctr Warren Shawn Re-ED/TRAEP warren.shawn@secep.net

Virginia Beach

School Last Name First Name Program Email Address
VBPS Corporate Landing ES Burby Cailynn ASP/EBICS burby.cailynn@secep.net
VBPS Corporate Landing ES Davis Rene ASP/EBICS davis.rene@secep.net
VBPS Corporate Landing ES Shaak Haley ASP/EBICS shaak.haley@secep.net
VBPS Corporate Landing MS Ampoyo Rachelle ASP/EBICS ampoyo.rachelle@secep.net
VBPS Corporate Landing MS Baker Marlon ASP/EBICS baker.marlon@secep.net
VBPS Glenwood ES Ashburn Ralph ASP/EBICS ashburn.ralph@secep.net
VBPS Glenwood ES Diaz Jennifer ASP/EBICS diaz.jennifer@secep.net
VBPS Glenwood ES Holmes Amy ASP/EBICS holmes.amy@secep.net
VBPS Glenwood ES Mohr Richelle ASP/EBICS mohr.richelle@secep.net
VBPS Glenwood ES Truman Hilary ASP/EBICS truman.hilary@secep.net
VBPS Kings Grant ES Marder Molly ASP/EBICS marder.molly@secep.net
VBPS Kings Grant ES Morman Jennifer ASP/EBICS morman.jennifer@secep.net
VBPS Landstown HS Cornwell Lauren ASP/EBICS cornwell.lauren@secep.net
VBPS Landstown HS Ernst Jessica ASP/EBICS ernst.jessica@secep.net
VBPS Landstown HS Hicks Regina ASP/EBICS hicks.regina@secep.net
VBPS Landstown HS Worden Mollie ASP/EBICS worden.mollie@secep.net
VBPS Larkspur MS Dixon Demesha ASP/EBICS dixon.demesha@secep.net
VBPS Larkspur MS Lee Jennifer ASP/EBICS lee.jennifer@secep.net
VBPS Larkspur MS Porter Ebonee ASP/EBICS porter.ebonee@secep.net
VBPS Pembroke ES Gregory Cherish ASP/EBICS gregory.cherish@secep.net
VBPS Pembroke ES Hudson Nicole ASP/EBICS hudson.nicole@secep.net
VBPS Pembroke ES Larmond-Christmas Nicola ASP/EBICS larmond.nicola@secep.net
VBPS Pembroke ES Sharp Lisa ASP/EBICS sharp.lisa@secep.net
VBPS Princess Anne HS Cross Sheree ASP/EBICS cross.sheree@secep.net
VBPS Princess Anne HS Fults Calonia ASP/EBICS fults.calonia@secep.net
VBPS Princess Anne HS Knapp Lauren ASP/EBICS knapp.lauren@secep.net
VBPS Princess Anne HS Moore Travis ASP/EBICS moore.travis@secep.net
VBPS Princess Anne HS Williams Larraine ASP/EBICS williams.larraine@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Albano Wendy Re-ED/TRAEP albano.wendy@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Barbachem David Re-ED/TRAEP barbachem.david@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Bassett Nikia Re-ED/TRAEP bassett.nikia@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Blackman Nikieya Re-ED/TRAEP blackman.nikieya@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Briggs Roderick Re-ED/TRAEP briggs.roderick@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Brown Scarlett Re-ED/TRAEP brown.scarlett@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Chestnut Erica Re-ED/TRAEP chestnut.erica@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Davis Eddie ASP/EBICS davis.eddie@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Dutcher Samantha ASP/EBICS dutcher.samantha@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Ewing Richard Re-ED/TRAEP ewing.richard@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Fay John Re-ED/TRAEP fay.john@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Griffin Pamela Re-ED/TRAEP griffin.pamela@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Ibanez Stefanie ASP/EBICS ibanez.stefanie@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Ingle Julia Re-ED/TRAEP ingle.julia@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Johnson David ASP/EBICS johnson.david@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Jones Christopher Re-ED/TRAEP jones.christopher@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Jones Kadijah ASP/EBICS jones.kadijah@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Lawson Deshanna ASP/EBICS lawson.deshanna@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy MacDonald Robin Re-ED/TRAEP macdonald.robin@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Mccoy Eric Re-ED/TRAEP mccoy.eric@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Neal Jamie Re-ED/TRAEP neal.jamie@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Pettigrew Kali Re-ED/TRAEP pettigrew.kali@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Points Patricia Re-ED/TRAEP points.patricia@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Rafter Colleen ASP/EBICS rafter.colleen@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Raha Runa Re-ED/TRAEP raha.runa@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Ransom Nola Re-ED/TRAEP ransom.nola@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Scheff Katherine ASP/EBICS scheff.katherine@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Wagner Frederick Re-ED/TRAEP wagner.frederick@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Whitfield Cesha Re-ED/TRAEP whitfield.cesha@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Wiltshire Eileen Re-ED/TRAEP wiltshire.eileen@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Wyatt James Re-ED/TRAEP wyatt.james@secep.net
VBPS Renaissance Academy Young Lourdes Adelline Re-ED/TRAEP young.lourdes@secep.net
VBPS Rosemont Forest ES Chappell Sarah ASP/EBICS chappell.sarah@secep.net
VBPS Rosemont Forest ES High Amy ASP/EBICS high.amy@secep.net
VBPS Salem HS Belisario Irish ASP/EBICS belisario.irish@secep.net
VBPS Salem HS Ford Joy ASP/EBICS ford.joy@secep.net
VBPS Salem MS Grout Kayla ASP/EBICS grout.kayla@secep.net
VBPS Salem MS Majette Cynara ASP/EBICS majette.cynara@secep.net
VBPS Salem MS Mena Sara ASP/EBICS mena.sara@secep.net
VBPS SECEP VB ES CTR Ammay Shari ASP/EBICS ammay.shari@secep.net
VBPS SECEP VB ES CTR Bailey Barbara Re-ED/TRAEP bailey.barbara@secep.net
VBPS SECEP VB ES CTR Barbee Paul Re-ED/TRAEP barbee.paul@secep.net
VBPS SECEP VB ES CTR Fiskus Rachel Re-ED/TRAEP fiskus.rachel@secep.net
VBPS SECEP VB ES CTR Herbert Shandler ASP/EBICS herbert.shandler@secep.net
VBPS SECEP VB ES CTR Jones Michelle Re-ED/TRAEP jones.michelle@secep.net
VBPS SECEP VB ES CTR McAlpin Gregory Re-ED/TRAEP mcalpin.gregory@secep.net
VBPS SECEP VB ES CTR Payne Amanda Re-ED/TRAEP payne.amanda@secep.net
VBPS SECEP VB ES CTR Peele Katrina ASP/EBICS peele.katrina@secep.net
VBPS SECEP VB ES CTR Smith Joseph Re-ED/TRAEP smith.joseph@secep.net
VBPS SECEP VB ES CTR Swann Jasmine Re-ED/TRAEP swann.jasmine@secep.net
VBPS Tallwood HS Phillips Michael ASP/EBICS phillips.michael@secep.net
VBPS Tallwood HS Steet Eve ASP/EBICS steet.eve@secep.net
VBPS Tallwood HS Ulrich Hunter ASP/EBICS ulrich.hunter@secep.net
VBPS Thalia ES Carrico Tara ASP/EBICS carrico.tara@secep.net
VBPS Thalia ES Emmerson Meagan ASP/EBICS emmerson.meagan@secep.net
VBPS Thalia ES Halstead Sarah ASP/EBICS halstead.sarah@secep.net
VBPS Thalia ES Lehman Cynthia ASP/EBICS lehman.cynthia@secep.net


    SECEP is committed to creating an accessible online environment for all visitors to its web site.  If you have difficulty accessing any of the information on this web page, please email secepwebconcern@secep.net and provide your name, mailing address, and phone number (if available), along with a description of the issue/concern that you have regarding the content and/or functionality of our website – www.secep.net. SECEP will respond to your concern/issue and provide you printed materials from the website and/or work to correct any issues of functionality.  You may also call 757-892-6108 and enter extension 1199 to provide this information in a voice message.