S E C E P Public School Consortium

Southeastern Cooperative Educational Programs

SECEP Administration

Name Email Address Title Phone Number
David B. Sadler sadler.david@secep.net Executive Director (757) 892-6100
Leigh L. Butler. Ph.D butler.leigh@secep.net Assistant Director for Re-ED/TRAEP (757) 892-6100
Laura Armstrong armstrong.laura@secep.net Assistant Director for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100
Greg Jacob jacob.arthur@secep.net Assistant Director for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100
Christopher Old old.christopher@secep.net Assistant Director for Human Resources and Support Services (757) 892-6100
Kimberly Rhodes, Ed.D. rhodes.kimberly@secep.net Project Coordinator for Instruction & Improvement (757) 892-6100
Dennis Hedspeth hedspeth.dennis@secep.net Human Resource Coordinator (757) 892-6100
Harry Hunter hunter.harry@secep.net Coordinator of Finance (757) 892-6100
Marice Minor, Ed.D. minor.marice@secep.net Coordinator for Accountability (757) 892-6100
Tamra Cobb, Ph.D. cobb.tamra@secep.net Coordinator for Professional Development and Quality Assurance (757) 892-6100
Daniel Holloway holloway.daniel@secep.net SIMS Manager (757) 892-6100
Susan Albert albert.susan@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100
Laura Bucher bucher.laura@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6105
Kerri Faytik faytik.kerri@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6105
Tina Griffin griffin.tina@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 393-5138
Karen Holloway holloway.karen@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100
Kedra Jemmott jemmott.kedra@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100
Cathleen Lavarias lavarias.cathleen@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 648-6116
Patty McGary mcgary.patricia@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 390-7319
Susan O'Connell oconnell.susan@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100
Mary Ann Ruppe ruppe.maryann@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 539-2388
Eva Schatzhuber schatzhuber.eva@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100
Karen Shillito shillito.karen@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100
Frances Tillar tillar.frances@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 393-5138
Christie Verebely verebely.christie@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 539-2388
Katherine Wynne wynne.katherine@secep.net Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100
Terry Lyle lyle.terry@secep.net Principal for REACH (757) 446-6796
Evelyn Zirkle zirkle.evelyn@secep.net Occupational Therapy Supervisor (757) 892-6100
Tamara Barker barker.tamara@secep.net Principal Re-ED/TRAEP Norfolk (757) 892-3960
Terry Walburn walburn.terry@secep.net Assistant Principal Re-ED/TRAEP Norfolk (757) 892-3960
Eric Jamison jamison.eric@secep.net Assistant Principal Re-ED/TRAEP Norfolk (757) 892-3960
Christian Nierman, Ed.D nierman.christian@secep.net Principal Re-ED/TRAEP Chesapeake (757) 892-6105
Franklin Chatman chatman.franklin@secep.net Assistant Principal Re-ED/TRAEP Chesapeake (757) 892-6105
Adam Brown brown.adam@secep.net Principal Re-ED/TRAEP Virginia Beach (757) 648-6116
Helen I. Davis davis.helen@secep.net Assistant Principal Re-ED/TRAEP Virginia Beach (757) 648-6116
Eleanor Bryant bryant.eleanor@secep.net Assistant Principal Re-ED Virginia Beach (757) 648-4195
Maisha Williams williams.maisha@secep.net Principal RE-ED/TRAEP Suffolk (757) 539-2388


    SECEP is committed to creating an accessible online environment for all visitors to its web site.  If you have difficulty accessing any of the information on this web page, please email secepwebconcern@secep.net and provide your name, mailing address, and phone number (if available), along with a description of the issue/concern that you have regarding the content and/or functionality of our website – www.secep.net. SECEP will respond to your concern/issue and provide you printed materials from the website and/or work to correct any issues of functionality.  You may also call 757-892-6108 and enter extension 1199 to provide this information in a voice message.