SECEP is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment of both students and staff.  Our educational settings should be free from abuse or neglect, bullying, and discrimination or harassment.  If you suspect or witness any of these occurrences, use the appropriate link below to submit a report.  All reports will be reviewed to determine the proper course of action.  Reviews may include the notification and involvement of additional oversight agencies to assist in the investigation.  When making a report, please include detailed information to enable a comprehensive investigation to be conducted.  If you have trouble with this process or need additional assistance, please contact Christopher C. Old; old.christopher@secep.net or (757) 892-6100.   

    Report Suspected Abuse or Neglect

    Report Suspected Bullying

    Report Suspected Sexual Discrimination or Harrassment (Title IX)



    SECEP is committed to creating an accessible online environment for all visitors to its web site.  If you have difficulty accessing any of the information on this web page, please email secepwebconcern@secep.net and provide your name, mailing address, and phone number (if available), along with a description of the issue/concern that you have regarding the content and/or functionality of our website – www.secep.net. SECEP will respond to your concern/issue and provide you printed materials from the website and/or work to correct any issues of functionality.  You may also call 757-892-6108 and enter extension 1199 to provide this information in a voice message.