• SECEP Staff Password Reset Portal

    Office 365 Password Change Utility--If you know your password and it has not expired but you want to change it, use this link.

    Please use the Office 365 Password Change Utility to change your current password before it has expired.  Sign in with your SECEP email address and your current password when prompted.

    Office 365 Password Change Utility

    Password Recovery Utility--If you have forgotten your password or let it expire, use this link.

    Please use the Office 365 Password Recovery tool to reset your password if you have forgotten it or let it expire. 

    Office 365 Password Recovery Tool


    Office 365 Password Reset Utility Registration--if you have not signed up for the password reset utility, use this link.

    Use the Office 365 Password Recovery Registration link to register for the password reset utility or to update your password recovery methods that you set up in the past. 

    Office 365 Password Recovery Registration


    SECEP is committed to creating an accessible online environment for all visitors to its web site.  If you have difficulty accessing any of the information on this web page, please email secepwebconcern@secep.net and provide your name, mailing address, and phone number (if available), along with a description of the issue/concern that you have regarding the content and/or functionality of our website – www.secep.net. SECEP will respond to your concern/issue and provide you printed materials from the website and/or work to correct any issues of functionality.  You may also call 757-892-6108 and enter extension 1199 to provide this information in a voice message.