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Mission Statement

Our Mission
In partnership with students, families, and communities, SECEP provides a safe and nurturing environment, focused on meeting individual educational needs and achieving meaningful outcomes for our diverse population of students.

We work best when we all work together.

SECEP is the perfect example of cooperation in action. Our cooperative is comprised of eight school systems in Hampton Roads, who joined together to plan for and provide services to students with special needs.

Policy is created by a Joint Board (made up of lay members) which functions like a traditional school board. The Committee of Superintendents recommends program activities, budgets and personnel actions. The directors of Special Education and Alternative Education make up the Advisory Committee, which ensures that needs are identified and addressed by appropriate programs. Each of the participating school systems is represented at all three levels of organization. Funding is provided by the participating school systems and the Virginia Department of Education.

Possibility for students. Peace of mind for parents.

When a child with special needs becomes a SECEP student, a world of opportunity opens up. Our benefits include:

  • Access to incredible teachers. In addition to being caring and nurturing, SECEP educators are among the most well-trained and best-educated professionals in their field.
  • Small class size. When working with children with special needs, individual attention is key. We are committed to providing optimal teacher/student ratios to enhance learning.
  • State-of-the-art technology. In our classrooms and facilities such as the Renaissance Academy, students have access to assistive technology and high-tech equipment that helps them learn, communicate, and achieve a better quality of life.
  • A strong culture of teamwork. At SECEP, we believe teamwork increases the possibility of achieving positive outcomes; students are best served when there is collaboration between school, home, and community.
  • Convenient locations. With more than 210 classrooms, SECEP is the largest regional special education program in Hampton Roads offering more opportunities to serve children with special needs.
  • Appropriate individualized programs. A comprehensive individual educational program (IEP) is tailored to each SECEP student, with special instruction plans and customized measurable goals.
  • A second chance at success. SECEP’s supportive and focused environment gives many students another opportunity to receive an education.
  • A free education. SECEP is funded by the eight cooperating school divisions and the Virginia Department of Education, so there are no tuition requirements.
  • Huge opportunities for parents. SECEP gives parents support in lots of different ways—through access to special programs and workshops, and through the quality care we give to students. Having peace of mind and more hope for their child’s future is absolutely invaluable.