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Core Values

Teaching Innovation

You want a career that enriches not only your life, but also the lives of others. As a member of the SECEP faculty and staff, it’s a dream that can quickly become reality.

We believe in a culture of teamwork, respect and compassion—for both your students and your fellow coworkers. It’s why we offer so many opportunities for growth and development. As part of the largest and most comprehensive regional special education program in the mid-Atlantic region, you’ll have access to incredible resources and formative supervision to support your growth as a professional. Mentorships are strongly encouraged, and with such an extensive group of friendly and knowledgeable peers, it’s easy to strengthen your skills. Plus, our small class sizes make teaching more manageable and rewarding.

SECEP is a recognized technology leader.

We are committed to integrating instructional information technology into all aspects of the curriculum, an advantage that is recognized at the local, regional and state levels.

Add competitive salaries and benefits—as well as all the benefits that come from living in the vibrant Hampton Roads region—and you’ll see why so many of our teachers and staff say that SECEP is more than a career. It’s a passion.

Ynez Petersen, OTR

Ynez Peterson, OTR
SECEP REACH Assistive Technology Specialist
Winner of WHRO Technology
Integrator of the Year award in 2012.

When supporting students with hearing, visual, physical, and cognitive limitations; creativity and innovation become everyday tools for the REACH program. To meet the individual needs of the students, the staff at REACH pair research based teaching skills with new and innovative technologies. The REACH Program support team and teachers participate and present in various assistive technology conferences at the state and national level, develop online instructional training modules and webinars, instruct college students on best practices for students with multiple disabilities, and develop professional development opportunities for REACH staff and community partners.

Our Core Values

All children can learn.  Teamwork increases the possibility of achieving positive outcomes.

Joy is essential to emotional well-being.

All people should be treated with dignity and respect.

People are best served when their individual needs are met.

SECEP is committed to providing appropriate educational services in a safe environment.

Students are best served when there is collaboration between home, school, and community.

Professional growth and development is essential to providing quality services.

Leadership is a shared commitment.