• Infinite Possibilities

    "I now must say that even my initial good impressions have been surpassed many times over"

    Parent of an ASP student


    "It wasn't too long ago that my son had lost the will to even try.  Talks of quitting school and going to work seemed to be his only thoughts.  Now, he talks of a bright future of graduating and going to college.  I finally have a happy, confident, smiling teenage son and it makes me feel so unbelievably blessed." 

    Parent of an ASP student


    "We have worked hard as a family and educational unit to make Ashley feel loved and valued.  The structure and guidelines that were personally presented to Ashley at SECEP gave her clear guidelines and expectations in order for her to reach the goals she wanted for herself."

    Parent of a Re-ED student

    "Thank you for doing what each of you do day in and day out.  Know that it matters to me that you took the time, effort, and love to educate my son not only in book knowledge, but in the ways of the world.  I will forever be grateful; I will always hold your [program] in high esteem."

    Parent of a ASP student.


    Learning without limits.





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