SECEP South Eastern Cooperative Educational Programs


Donald R. Fairheart, MBA

Executive Director (757) 892-6100

David B. Sadler

Associate Director (757) 892-6100

Randy Fiery, MSW

Assistant Director for Re-ED/TRAEP (757) 892-6100

Laura Underwood

Assistant Director for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100

Greg Jacob

Assistant Director for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100

Tracie Mauch

Assistant Director for ASP/EBICS/REACH (757) 892-6100

Christopher Old

Assistant Director for Human Resources and Support Services (757) 892-6100

Kimberly Rhodes, Ed.D.

Project Coordinator for Instruction & Improvement (757) 892-6100

Dennis Hedspeth

Human Resource Coordinator (757) 892-6100

Harry Hunter

Coordinator of Finance (757) 892-6100

Murray Ritter, Ed.D.

Coordinator for Accountability (757) 892-6100

Tamra Cobb, Ph.D.

Coordinator for Instruction and Staff Development (757) 892-6100

Patty McGary

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 648-3360

Laura Bucher

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6105

Kedra Jemmott

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100

Katherine Wynne

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100

Mary Ann Ruppe

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 539-2388

Karen Shillito

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100

Karen Holloway

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100

Susan Albert

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100

Frances Tillar

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 393-5138

Susan O'Connell

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100

Tina Griffin

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 393-5138

Kerri Faytik

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6105

Cathleen Lavarias

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 648-6116

Eva Schatzhuber

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 892-6100

Christie Verebely

Principal for ASP/EBICS (757) 539-2388

Terry Lyle

Principal for REACH (757) 446-6796

Georgia Brown

Principal for Speech and Language Programs (757) 892-6100

Evelyn Zirkle

Occupational Therapy Supervisor (757) 892-6100

Tamara Barker

Principal TRAEP Norfolk (757) 892-3960

Christian Nierman, Ed.D

Principal Re-ED/TRAEP Chesapeake (757) 892-6105

John "Jack" Forbes

Principal TRAEP Virginia Beach (757) 648-6116

John B. Skye

Principal Re-ED Virginia Beach (757) 648-6116

Adam Brown

Principal Re-ED Virginia Beach (757) 648-4195

Carolyn Simmons

Principal Re-ED Norfolk (757) 892-3960

Maisha Williams

Principal Re-ed/Traep Suffolk (757) 539-2388
The SECEP Joint Board is made up of members from each participating school divisions School Board:
Mr. Thomas L. Mercer, Sr. Chesapeake Public Schools - Vice-Chairperson
Mrs. Dawna Walton Franklin Public Schools
Mrs. Denise Tynes Isle of Wight Public Schools
Dr. Noelle Gabriel Norfolk Public Schools
Mr. James E. Bridgeford Portsmouth Public Schools
Dr. Carolyn Modlin Southampton Public Schools
Dr. Judith Brooks-Buck Suffolk Public Schools - Chairperson
Mrs. Carolyn Weems Virginia Beach Public Schools

The SECEP Joint Board has a Committee of Superintendents from the participating divisions:

Dr. James Roberts Chesapeake Public Schools
Dr. Willie J. Bell Franklin Public Schools
Dr. A. Katrise Perera Isle of Wight Public Schools
Dr. Samuel T. King Norfolk Public Schools
Dr. Patricia Fisher Portsmouth Public Schools
Dr. Alvera J. Parrish Southampton Public Schools
Dr. Deran Whitney Suffolk Public Schools
Dr. Aaron C. Spence Virginia Beach Public Schools


SECEP Joint Board Meeting Schedule: 

Wednesday – 10/8/14– 12:30 P.M.

Wednesday – 1/28/15– 12:30 P.M.

Wednesday – 3/25/15 – 12:30 P.M.

Wednesday – 5/27/15 – 11:00 A.M.


All SECEP Joint Board meetings are held at the SECEP Administrative Offices, 6160 Kempsville Circle, Suite 300B, Norfolk, VA 23502. Click Here for directions.

 Guidelines for Public Comment

Any citizen wishing to address the SECEP Joint Board during public comment must register with the Deputy Clerk of the Board, Brenda Estes, prior to the start of the meeting by calling 892-6100, emailing or in person at the SECEP administrative offices.  You must provide the Deputy Clerk the following information upon registering:

            Your Name

            Your Address

            The subject you wish to address

            Whether you have children attending SECEP

            Whether this is a personal matter dealing specifically with one student 

The Joint Board will always try to hear everyone who wishes to speak on a subject.  Speakers are limited to one appearance of three (3) minutes per Joint Board Meeting. 

These Guidelines can be modified at any time at the discretion of the SECEP Joint Board.